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Searching For Answers

Updated: Jan 15

Wanting, craving, and relentlessly seeking the seemingly elusive answer, that used to be my approach to life. I once believed in the existence of a single, indisputable right way for everything, with someone out there holding the unquestionable answer or solution just for me. Looking back, that concept now seems utterly crazy! Yet, it's a common tendency for many of us to cling to the allure of certainty. After over a decade of training bodies and coaching minds through the intricacies of change, coupled with more than three years of holding conversations with world leaders, academics, and brilliant minds on my podcast, it's become glaringly clear that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to be seen.

Sure, there are strategies, ideas, and undoubtedly proven science. However, even the soundest scientific principles should be indulged in with an open mind and thrown under the microscope. Every answer or solution ever discovered was brought to light by a human - flawed, yet equally brilliant. Just like you and me, they view life through a biased and preconditioned lens, tarnished with their beliefs, desires, values, traumas, experiences, and inevitably, potential gains.

When we release the all-or-nothing grip on seeking answers and recognize that our own cognitive bias (and that of others) will always be in play, we liberate ourselves to grasp new possibilities and opportunities for growth. And here's the kicker: we open the door for change - the very thing we often seek!

Sometimes, the answer lies in realising there's no fixed answer at all.


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